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When will you be holding events?

The regular schedule for Fall Semester has yet to be determined, but Tuesday or Thursday evening seems to be the most likely candidate right now. If you’re not available then, we would love to hear more about when you would be able to attend.  We try to keep our online calendar updated so take a peek and see. CLICK HERE

Please email with this information.


How can I get in touch with the club?

The email address is regularly monitored. It serves as the best way to get in touch with the club for official business. Phone contact or in-person meetings can be arranged from there.

What sort of events will you guys have?

  • Film Plot Analysis & Discussions..
  • Open Mic Nights.
  • Workshop Nights.
  • Writing Prompt Nights
  • Crazy School Game Nights.
  • Poetry Slam Nights.
  • Specialty Topic Nights
  • Guest Speaker Nights
  • Nanowrimo Events

All of our regular events start off with a little time to get to know other people with short games so we can all be comfortable with each other.

Of course, we’re always open to suggestions of ways writers can get together and have fun while working to improve their craft.

Will you be holding workshops?

No, but we will be working to facilitate them.  Workshop nights are generalized with options for those without material to bring.  (There are many at any given workshop even that don’t have material to share.  You won’t be alone or bored.)  This helps us avoid leaving people out when they’re not ready to share their material.



Is this club the same as the English Club?

No, it’s not. While they have a history together, they are two unaffiliated organizations. The English Club will no longer be holding events as of mid-summer 2013 and the Creative Writing Club should not be seen as a continuation of the English Club.

In mid-2012, officers of the English Club worked to re-charter the club as the Creative Writing Club. However, while some elements of those efforts remainder (e.g., the name of the Facebook page), the re-chartering did not happen due to the personal circumstances of the anticipated club leadership.

As the English Club continued on its trajectory and continued to establish itself as a club that tried to address all elements of students of the English department, it became clear that the EC’s reputation and goals were not compatible with those of the Creative Writing Club. Further, starting the club as an unaffiliated entity simplifies the chartering process and makes the club eligible for UVU club awards.


How is this different from the English Club?

The CWC is different because its mission, focus, events, leadership, and structure are different.

Here are a few key ways the Creative Writing Club is different from the English Club:

  • The English Club was strongly tied to the goals of the English department and its professors. The Creative Writing Club is a student-driven organization.
  • The English Club attempted to address the needs of all elements of the English department (i.e., literature, editing, publishing, academic writing, and creative writing). The Creative Writing Club is focused only on creative writing pursuits.
  • The English Club used events for workshopping and reading work. The Creative Writing Club facilitates students who wish to pursue this extra-extra-curricular work, but events do not require additional outside work.
  • While both the English Club and Creative Writing Club worked to help writers refine their craft, the Creative Writing Club’s focus is far more social.
  • Anticipated attendance at CWC events is substantially higher than the standard attendance of EC events.
Similar events between the CWC and this former club will include open mic nights and guest authors. English Club events that the CWC does not have similarities with include all literature-based events, events focused toward editors or publishers, academic writing events, and workshops.
CWC events that differ substantially from EC events include but are not limited to movie events where popular media will be used to explore writing concepts; nights of writing games and exercises; fundraising for NPOs that work to eradicate illiteracy; special events such as the “Poetic License” event (details above); and work with community groups to host events such as poetry slam.
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