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Officer Expectations and Application

The Process for Becoming an Officer

Any interested members will be given the chance to serve as officers. The process is simple.

1) You fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Once it’s completed, you’ll be sent an email confirmation and instructions on completing officer immersion.

2) You complete “officer immersion,” a one-hour task that will familiarize you with the task systems we use. This project will be due within four days after you submit your officer application.

3) You’re approved as an officer once your immersion task has been reviewed and checked off. You will officially be an “NDO” (or “non-denominational officer”). NDOs get all sorts of tasks and are incredibly useful in making awesome things happen.

4) You prove yourself. As officers prove their ability to communicate effectively, follow through, and devote time to the club, they may be offered more responsibilities, a snazzier title, and weightier expectations. If officers fail to meet the expectations outlined below, they may be removed from officer status.

Members can also petition for the inclusion or removal of officers per the guidelines of our club constitution. The constitution also outlines additional rights and opportunities you have as an officer.

Officer Expectations

The expectations for non-denominational officers are:

  1. Honesty: The most important thing here is that you honestly communicate what you’re capable of accomplishing.  Over-commitment is a common and catastrophic vice when it comes to unpaid work.

  2. Communication: You will be expected to communicate quickly and frequently when a task has been assigned to you. Most communication will be via email, though the exact methods are flexible.

  3. Regular attendance of club events and officer meetings: Events will take place weekly, with officer meetings taking place immediately before or after events. While “regular attendance” does not mean “perfect attendance,” officers must be able to attend at least the majority of meetings.

  4. A passion for creative writing: These are not positions for those only looking to fill out their CV. The Creative Writing Club aims to become a pillar of UVU’s creative writing community in a long-term way. Being an interested and passionate member of that community is vital.

While it’s great if you can devote a large number of hours to the club on a regular basis, it’s more important that we have a group of officers who communicate how much they’re actually available. The rest can be worked out.

To apply to be an officer, fill out the form below.

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