The UVU CWC Is Now Part of the Creative Writing Guild

The UVU Creative Writing Club has become the founding chapter of the Creative Writing Guild. This entry explains what that means—for both this club and for you as members.

What is the Guild?

The Creative Writing Guild is an organization that helps writers connect and get educated in the online and offline worlds. The goals of the Guild are straightforward:

  • To build inclusive, productive, enjoyable communities that allow writers to connect in both the online and offline worlds.
  • To help writers refine their craft through exercises, lessons, and real-world opportunities.
  • To create environments that challenge writers and stimulate creativity.

The guild will do this by using educational, social, and local components of the organization. The educational component aims to give you resources to improve your craft (the Guild website contains dozens of educational articles on the writing craft); the social brings together writers from around the world in a safe, productive, online space; and the local component helps writers set up local creative writing groups in their communities and universities.

What does being a Guild chapter mean for the club?

As the founding chapter of the Guild, the UVU Creative Writing Club is on the vanguard of this organization. Being part of the Guild allows the UVU Creative Writing Club to help other groups get started, start a network of like-minded people around the country, and crowd-source a variety of educational resources.

In short, launching the Guild means more people will be out there holding events, trying things out, and otherwise gathering knowledge that will help strengthen each chapter of the Guild.

What does being a Guild member mean for you?

You are not obligated to pay any fees, contribute any labor, or otherwise do or give anything to the Guild. So no sweating on that front.

Being part of the Guild means you can access online resources such as the educational articles mentioned above or the brand new Creative Writing Guild forums. You will also get regular updates on new content on the Guild website, new opportunities and resources, and other aspects of the Guild.

Of note, the Creative Writing Guild newsletter you’re now subscribed to is not the same as the UVU Creative Writing Club newsletter. If you want to unsubscribe to the Guild newsletter, you can do so without unsubscribing from the UVU CWC newsletter. If you ever move out of the area for the UVU CWC’s events, you can unsubscribe from that newsletter but still get updates from the Guild.

In either case, just hit the “unsubscribe” option at the bottom of an email from the mailing list you wish to unsubscribe from.

And that just about covers it! Please do leave any questions in the comments, below.