Viewing of The Fall

We’ll have our viewing of The Fall on Thursday at 6:30pm in LA 207. It’s a great film that opens up topics of narrative frames and the ambiguity of language, and we’ll discuss those topics after the film.


But first, some notes on the event and some well-deserved punishments.

Facebook and Wookie Cookies

While there’s still time to vote on my punishment if you prefer something else, apparently the general opinion is that I should make cookies for the event as restitution for my accidental text-spam. They’ll be peanut butter chocolate cookies (the “no bake,” oatmeal-based variety that I call “wookie cookies“).

On that note, if you haven’t already joined our Facebook group, you’re encouraged to do so. Beyond voting on punishments, the group has started some great conversations, shared useful links (to everything from funny videos to contest opportunities), and done other awesome stuff that you’ll want to get involved with.

More About The Fall

The Fall is one of my favorite films of all time—partially due to gorgeous visuals, partially due to great writing, and partially due to the compelling premise. The film is set in a hospital where a young girl with a broken arm is befriended by a recently paralyzed stunt man. He tells the young girl fantastical stories in the hopes of convincing her to steal enough morphine for him that he can kill himself. This trailer should give you a sense of the film’s style:

Heads up: The film is rated R for “violent images,” but it’s one of those films where the rating seems to be less about the content and more about increasing sales. According to this site’s “family corner” discussion of the film’s potentially controversial content:

The Fall is rated R for some violent images—not so much for the violence itself, but the bizarre manner in which it is portrayed. It’s not a film for children, because its surreality is sure to drive them to distraction. There is next to no profanity, though the Lord’s name is used in vain. While there is no nudity, we briefly overhear a couple making love.

I’m also glad to give any sensitive viewers a heads-up before the most violent imagery (which all happens within a 5-minute period).

Again, the event is this Thursday at 6:30pm in LA 207 and will begin with 30 minutes of casual socializing and word-nerd games. At 7:00pm sharp we’ll do announcements; the film will be put on immediately thereafter. You’re welcome to bring guests to the event.

We also encourage you to check out this post to find out more about paying your club dues, getting a club t-shirt, and more.

We hope to see you on Thursday.

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