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Workshop Facilitation


Wait … you don’t do workshops?

No, we don’t. While workshopping is vital to success as a writer, club workshopping quickly turns into a small club workshop where only a few students read or write. These events would require outside work (basically “bonus homework”) and they don’t do a good job of welcoming new students. As such, we do workshop facilitation instead.

What is workshop facilitation?

Workshop facilitation helps you connect with a workshopping group of people who are interested in a similar sort of work and who are available at similar times. In addition to connecting you with a group, we’ll provide some information on how to workshop effectively, walk you through reserving a library room for your workshop, and teach you how to use Dropbox and in-documentation notations for the digital aspect of your workshop.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ll provide a workshop facilitator at your first workshop. This is an experienced writer who has been workshopping for years and who has undergone special CW Club training for how to effectively teach workshopping strategies.

To take part in our workshop facilitation program, please fill out the form below. You’ll be contacted with further details once the form is complete.

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